Eli Keren | CPA and Tax Reduction Strategist 

I started SmartCloud CPA to save clients money. By building a professional network of the best financial advisors and tax attorneys available in the country, I do more than tax preparation. I prepare tax strategies that are effective, custom and streamlined, saving the average client tens of thousands of dollars annually on taxes – every year.

I am deeply dedicated to serving my clients and to helping them fulfill, even exceed their financial goals. 

I personally know what it takes to be a winner. I’ve successfully competed at the highest collegiate level in track and field. I have the temperament, discipline and pacing of a long-distance runner. I understand commitment and dedication are required for long-term success and I apply those qualities accordingly.

Eli is the Founder and CEO of SmartCloud CPA. His athletic ethics and head for finances drove him to earn a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the School of Business at University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

Eli is a Licensed Certified Public Accountant, practicing since 2001. Illinois CPA License #065.028362.

Paulina Szuszkiewicz | Tax Reduction Adviser

I am the first point of contact at SmartCloud CPA, managing initial inquiries and consultations. Whether you prefer email, telephone, or video conferencing, I believe client communications is key to understanding your needs.

You have questions: How much will you pay? Why is your tax bill so high? Could you do more to reduce taxes? Are you with the right accountant?

I will have answers. As an entrepreneur, I understand hard work and dedication to your core business objectives are front and center. Tax season is an annual stressor on time and finances; as a Tax Reduction Adviser I provide clarity and projections tailored to your tax bill. Our tax reduction strategies will significantly lower your tax liability and blood pressure.

I’m excited to work with you!

Paulina is the Co-founder of SmartCloud CPA. Chicago-native, she was fortunate enough to study abroad, expanding her language skills and world-view. Paulina earned a Master of Arts, Business and Philosophy from another UWM, the University of Warmia and Mazury, Poland.

Dante | Silent Partner

Dante’s utter disregard for order – unless it’s ordering a pizza – is the perfect, balanced addition to the SmartCloud CPA team. His ambivalence to numbers – unless it is the number of slices of that pizza you aren’t eating – is second only to his take it or leave it attitude to the digital revolution.

Dante is still formulating his official bio; he told us he’d deliver it after we delivered a slice of pizza.

Dante is the company disruptor and likes a good walk, finding sticks and pizza.

Illinois Public Accountant Firm License

SmartCloud CPA serves clients nationally, offering secure tax planning and preparation regardless of location.

Eli is a fully licensed CPA in Illinois and in good standing which means he can practice in all US licensing jurisdictions.