Tax Reduction Planning


Our fee: Project-based, every 2-5 years or as necessary – depending on complexity. Free estimate of savings and quote link.

Our flagship service. Clients save an average of $37,000+ on an annual basis. Every year.
SmartCloud CPA puts an emphasis on tax reduction planning for our medical and healthcare clients – this is the service that will help you lower your tax burden, and what makes us stand out as a CPA firm!

Tax Planning

Tax planning is a comprehensive, custom analysis of your taxes and finances undertaken to determine strategies for lowering your tax liability. It is not a passive process. Could you be contributing to an IRA? Are you deducting everything you are eligible for? Are there any business strategies you could be taking advantage of? Are you eligible for any tax credits? Is there a better way for you to be making charitable contributions? Do you qualify for any advanced tax reduction strategies?

We analyze:

  • Your deduction
  • Your legal entity structure
  • Your retirement and insurance structures
  • Business and self-employment tax reduction strategies
  • Advanced tax planning strategies (e.g. tax credits)
  • Loopholes
  • Recent regulatory changes (CARES Act, etc.)
  • Custom client requests (purchase/sale of a medical practice and/or real-estate to setting up college funds for young children, etc.)
  • Your compliance with IRS regulations


The result:

Our average client saves $37,000+ on an annual basis – $185,000 during a 5-year period
You learn and implement strategies that optimize your financial position and invest in the things that really matter to you
You stay compliant with IRS regulations
There is no need to change your current CPA / accountant unless you want to – we can either simply consult on the tax planning side or take care of all your tax and accounting needs.



“I would recommend SmartCloud CPA to medical professionals who want to save on taxes and receive both basic and advanced tax reduction strategies.” – Dr. Jay

“Not only is SmartCloud CPA well-organized, tech savvy and professional, this company is very kind and trustworthy. I highly recommend them for all high income professionals!” – Dr. Sandy

”Being an independent contractor does have a lot of benefits, and the SmartCloud team is helping me to actually see those benefits. I am confident that all of the tax savings are legal and will not be an issue if I were to be audited.” – Dr. Tobie

“SmartCloud works only with doctors, so as a physician it was a no brainer for me to seek their help with my taxes and tax planning. They explained useful and physician-relevant strategies for reducing and preparing taxes.” – Dr. Josh

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