Let’s unpack SmartCloud CPA’s services because each one deserves some explanation!

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering assistance to businesses and self-employed individuals. We help you navigate the SBA and CARES Act loan applications, as well as other aid programs.


Our specialty and flagship service – here’s where we provide real value!

Tax planning begins with an analysis of your current financial situation. In order to determine how best to reduce your tax liability, we consider:

  • Maximizing your deductions, taking advantage of current regulatory changes
  • Restructuring legal entities, if applicable
  • Applying niche-specific strategies available to medical and healthcare businesses and self-employed professionals
  • Optimizing your retirement and insurance structures
  • Advanced tax reduction strategies
  • Custom tax planning strategies, different for every client, including real-estate or vehicle purchases, purchase or sale of a business, college funds for children, etc.

In the end, your annual tax bill is markedly reduced, and you comply with tax law.

Can I still do Tax Planning with you if I’m already working with an accountant?

Short answer yes! We can do all or part of the job. If you love your current accountant — great! We can augment their accounting with our tax planning analysis, providing you with the comfort of working with your preferred accountant and the benefit of our tax planning and medical / healthcare industry expertise.

“The advice they gave is priceless and was not offered by my previous CPA. Being an independent contractor does have a lot of benefits, and the SmartCloud team is helping me to actually see those benefits.”

Tobechi (Tobie) Okoronkwo, Board Certified Anesthesiologist


FAQ – I’m not located in Chicago! Can we still work together?

Of course! We work with clients across all 50 states. You can be located in sunny Florida, snowy Idaho, or stuck in traffic dreaming about surfing or skiing. We offer a custom tax-saving strategy for you, wherever you hang your hat.


We can partner with your medical or healthcare practice so you need not struggle with accounting. As a partner, we care for your business finances while you care for your patients.

If you are unsatisfied with your current CPA, we can step into their shoes. While most medical or healthcare businesses work with an accountant, frequently accountants are not specialists in this niche and they may only prepare tax returns without considering long-term tax planning. SmartCloud CPA knows medical and healthcare accounting and can consider your finances through the lens of tax planning, resulting in best tax liability reduction.

“Eli Keren has been my CPA since 2014. He’s been doing business accounting for my medical practice and other businesses I own. One of the things that I want to mention is how much money Eli has been saving my business…”

Dr. TJ Ahn, Podiatrist and Medical Coach & Consultant


A CFO, or Chief Financial Officer, oversees all financial and tax-related aspects of a business and offers advice aimed at increasing your financial position. Hiring a CFO full-time can be prohibitively expensive with salaries typically $100,000 or more per year. An outsourced CFO does everything for you for a fraction of the cost.

SmartCloud CPA offers CFO services including:

  • Advanced financial reporting
  • Advising on lease and loan structures
  • Identifying “problem areas”: e.g. optimal employee structures and management structures
  • Analyzing practice profitability and feasibility
  • Guiding you through all financial aspects of your business on a month to month basis.

Get competitively-priced CFO expertise wrapped in our tech-savvy, concierge service.

To sum up what we deliver:

  • A comprehensive tax plan that leads to tax reductions backed by a guarantee. A typical client saves $37,000 or more annually.
  • Medical and healthcare industry-specific expertise: we understand the needs of healthcare professionals and work to minimize your time commitment and maximize your savings. We respect your busy schedule and work within it to achieve results. We are not a 9 to 5 office.
  • Technology that is streamlined and focused. Document upload is safe, easy and instantaneous thanks to our secure client portals.
  • A tailored billing structure based on project and services required. We do not charge by the hour (apart from special circumstances). Our clients know what their costs will be as project pricing is agreed upon up-front. Easier to budget – what a relief, right?

You can schedule a complimentary, no-strings quote and consultation with our Tax Reduction Adviser, Paulina.

We look forward to helping you save on taxes!