Tax reduction strategies

What’s your CPA doing for you?

Are you sure they’re helping you save on taxes? Our clients save – on average – $37,000+ annually on taxes. Year after year.

Medical and healthcare businesses and self-employed professionals are at a disadvantage – the IRS believes they earn too much and should be taxed heavily. Our Tax Planning begins with an analysis of your current financial situation. In order to determine how best to reduce your tax liability, we consider:

  • Restructuring legal entities, if applicable
  • Optimizing your retirement and insurance structures
  • Maximizing your deductions, taking advantage of current regulatory changes
  • Applying niche-specific strategies available to the medical and healthcare industry
  • Applying advanced tax reduction strategies
  • Applying any custom strategies our clients require, such as the purchase or real estate, sale or purchase of a business, or creating a college fund for their children.

We comply with all local and federal legal regulations, and collaborate with the best financial advisers and tax lawyers in the country. In the end, your annual tax bill is markedly reduced, and you comply with tax law.

If you own a business or are self-employed, we can help! Write an Email, Schedule a Call or Start a Consult to see how you could reduce your tax liability now.

If you are unsatisfied with your current CPA, we can step into their shoes. While most medical and healthcare businesses or self-employed professionals work with an accountant, frequently accountants are not industry specialists. SmartCloud CPA knows medical and healthcare accounting and can consider your finances through the lens of tax planning, resulting in best tax liability reduction.

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