Erich N. Mussak, MD, Diagnostic Radiologist

“I have worked with Eli Keren and Paulina on income tax and consulted with them on tax reduction strategy. In the past couple years, I have realized that as a W2 employee, “it isn’t what you earn its what you keep” and a lot of what I earn I found I do NOT keep! Doctors are notoriously bad with money, but for the savvy physician who is employed by a hospital network or owns a private practice, Eli and Paulina are for you. For my personal situation, my wife owns a business and I am a W2 employee. If you think there is nothing that can be done to lower your taxes as a W2 employee you are wrong. Eli and Paulina have some advanced strategies that are legal and ethical. Who knew you could do positive things for the environment and save money on taxes? The fact of the matter is, the incentives are there because Uncle Sam wants you to participate in them, but most people can’t because too many large income earners don’t pay enough in taxes. These are people in business and real estate (classes of people the government already gives incentives too). You can get incentives too for investing in various arenas, but you have to connected and in the know. Eli and Paulina can do this for you. Do your own vetting, but I am finding that the connections they have given have already extensively gone through this process. Even if I didn’t enact the more advanced strategies, the small business tips for my wife would have paid SmartCloud’s fee a few times over in year one. And if you don’t like what they offer, they will refund your consulting fee. Yes, there are scams out there, but SmartCloud is not one of them. You will be leveraging experienced professionals to save you money and increase your bottom line. Eli will put his name on your tax return with these strategies and they have been nothing but supportive of the many questions anyone would have in doing their due diligence in this process. You build businesses with honesty and reputation, and SmartCloud is doing just that. In short, do you want to be like everyone else, or do you want an edge that allows you to build generational wealth for your family or just more discretionary income? Eli and Paulina can help get you there, and I have been very impressed with their product and service. They have put the work into creating a sound business model in a market that needs it (physicians), and its up to you to take a small leap of faith and let them help you too.”

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