Dr. TJ Ahn, Podiatrist, Medical Coach & Consultant

“Eli Keren has been my CPA since 2014. He’s been doing business accounting for my medical practice and other businesses I own. One of the things that I want to mention is how much money Eli has been saving my business, both with tax planning and maximizing deductions. As a business owner, one of my biggest expenses is income tax. Doctors like us… we focus on taking care of patients and often we do not take the time or have knowledge as far as tax planning and tax reduction strategies are concerned. That is where Eli Keren and SmartCloud CPA, LLC come in. He’s very helpful! Thanks to him I’ve saved thousands and thousands of dollars on taxes. I would advise everyone to give him a chance. If you have the opportunity to meet or talk with him, I’m sure he’ll provide the same services for your medical practice!”

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