tax planning for doctors

The Benefits of Tax Planning for Medical and Healthcare Professionals

You work hard, provide an invaluable service, and your patients love you! Yet, when you look at your earnings, you realize a very large portion goes to the IRS. In fact, Uncle Sam might be taking 40% (or more!) of your income. You may be wondering if there is a way to legally lower your...
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tax planning for doctors

Top 3 Questions About Tax Reduction Planning: Cost, Legality and Who Benefits Most

Tax planning involves an analysis of your financial situation in order to determine, and implement, strategies that will lower your tax burden. A lowered tax burden, of course, frees up resources for growth, expenses or investment. Below I answer the top 3 questions that seem to be on the minds of our potential clients: is...
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Snart Cloud CPA

Why are you called “Smart” Cloud?

We are an environmentally friendly and paperless office that handles most tasks online, in order to save you time, accommodate your busy schedule and save our planet’s resources. You will never have to fax us anything or send us any paper documents. We offer our medical and healthcare clients free-of-charge, cloud-based solutions that automatically and...
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Tax reduction

How much do your services cost?

We do not charge by the hour (apart from special circumstances). We charge by the project. Pricing isn’t posted as each client project is unique, just as every patient who walks into your office requires individual treatment. Instead, we approach your project with a tailored billing structure. Everything depends on the complexity of your individual...
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Tax planning

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes! We work hard and treat your goals and money with care, professionalism and ethical adherence to the law. We are sure of the quality of our work and want you to feel comfortable with the outcome of our services. If there is a problem with our work, we will return your money. Simple, right?
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Tax reduction strategies

Can I still do Tax Planning with you if I’m already working with an accountant?

Short answer yes! We can do all or part of the job. If you love your current accountant — great! We can augment their accounting with our tax planning analysis, providing you with the comfort of working with your preferred accountant and the benefit of our tax planning and medical industry expertise. Convenient, right?
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Income tax planning

I’m not a medical or healthcare professional. Can we still work together?

Yes! Although SmartCloud CPA specializes in creating tax-saving strategies for the medical and healthcare industry, we welcome business owners, partners, and contractors in other sectors interested in reducing their tax burden on a case-by-case basis. Contact us for a no-strings-attached consultation! Quick, right?
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Reducing income tax

I’m not located in Chicago! Can we still work together?

Of course! We work with clients across all 50 states. You can be located in sunny Florida, snowy Idaho, or stuck in traffic dreaming about surfing or skiing. We offer a custom tax-saving strategy for you, wherever you hang your hat. Tech-savvy, right?
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Reduce tax liability

I have a question… Can I contact you?

Of course! Contact us any time — we’re dedicated workaholics and will likely respond sooner than you think. Send us your question here. If your question is really complex and involves research, we will let you know if a fee is required. Fair, right?
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