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SmartCloud CPA specializes in the unique needs of medical and healthcare businesses. We speak your language, work around your schedule and are an ideal partner – whether you’re a medical practice or a medical spa.

Tax planning expertise

We specialize in what makes you money, not what costs you money. Our tax reduction planning and CFO services are perfectly tailored to help your business decrease its tax liability and grow, to become, or surpass, what you’ve always envisioned.

Effective and convenient

Our services are backed by a guarantee and all our communication can be done online. We offer secure client portals and convenient communication via Zoom, phone, email or chat. We’re there whenever you need us – and you don’t need to risk your health to see us.

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Our services:

Tax reduction planning

The purpose of tax planning is to ensure tax efficiency. It involves a proactive, comprehensive, and custom analysis of your financial situation to determine, and implement, strategies that will decrease your tax liability. A lowered tax burden frees up resources for growth, investment and funding of your retirement– i.e. all the things you deserve in return for your hard work!


Outsourced CFO Services

An Outsourced Chief Financial Officer oversees all financial and tax-related aspects of a business and offers advice aimed at increasing a company’s financial position, improving results of operations, and helping it grow profitably. This includes advise on anything from cash flow issues to loan structures to increasing profit margins, or overall profitability of an enterprise on a month to month basis.

Business and Individual Income Tax Return Preparation

We work with clients in all 50 states and will take the time to carefully and accurately prepare your corporate, partnership and individual income tax returns. We pride ourselves in paying attention to details and getting things right.

Accounting for Medical and Healthcare businesses

We can partner with your medical or healthcare practice so you don’t struggle with accounting. As a partner, we care for your business finances while you care for your patients. We offer monthly, quarterly and annual plans. Did we mention we get things right and pay attention to details?

Dr. Varun Chowdary

Musculoskeletal and Nuclear Medicine Radiologist

“Eli and Paulina are absolutely fantastic to work with. They are very quick to respond to emails and always address my questions and concerns in an organized and comprehensive manner. Their level of enthusiasm and professionalism is evident in their work, and I am definitely going to be a long-term customer. They are honest, completely online, informed regarding physician related issues, and are always looking out for your best interest. Thanks!”

Dr. Jay Mukherjee

Cardiologist, Multimodality Cardiovascular Imager

“I am a busy physician, Paulina connected with me on Linked, initially i was hesitant to work with Eli & Paulina. But then I was very satisfied with the results. I would recommend SmartCloud CPA to medical professionals who want to save on taxes and receive both basic and advanced tax reduction strategies. They even spoke with me on a Sunday. They are very easily reachable and seem to give you great advice.”

Dr. Tobie Okoronkwo

Board Certified Anesthesiologist

“I connected with Eli and Paulina of SmartCloud via LinkedIn and I have already received an endless amount of information and support. All of my questions are answered promptly and they are very easily reachable by email. The advice they gave is priceless and was not offered by my previous CPA. Being an independent contractor does have a lot of benefits, and the SmartCloud team is helping me to actually see those benefits. I am confident that all of the tax savings are legal and will not be an issue if I were to be audited. I look forward to working with them more and seeing how all of the changes come to fruition. Thank you SmartCloud!”

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